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Introducing the Course

How to get a 100% Job.

Are you ready to take your career to new heights? Say goodbye to job hunting frustrations and hello to guaranteed success! Introducing our revolutionary job placement program – your key to landing the job of your dreams with a 100% success rate!

Join the ranks of our success stories! Our graduates have gone on to excel in diverse industries, proving that success is within reach with the right guidance.

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How to Write the Resume?

we'll explore effective strategies for building a powerful resume that stands out to employers.

  • Importance of a Resume
  • Resume Sections
  • Design and Formatting Tips
  • Tailoring Your Resume
  • Showcasing Professional Experience
  • Highlighting Education and Skills
  • Including Certifications and Projects
How to Create profile on Linkedin &

Why we create a profile on and Linkedin?

LinkedIn is an online platform that connects the world's professionals. Profile branding on LinkedIn will summarize your professional experience to your connections, current, and future potential employers, and recruiters.

This course consist of ample amount live profile discussions which will help you figure out how to frame and structure your personal profile

Online Job Search Platform & Apply?

Effective Online Job Searching

  • Why Online Job Search?
  • Popular Job Search Platforms
  • Using Job Alerts
How to prepare for an Interview?

In this guided project, We’ll teach you how to prepare for different types of job interviews, and how to answer some of the most common interview questions recruiters and hiring managers will most likely ask.

Prepare for Best Practices BEFORE the Job Interview.

An interview is not just an evaluation of your skills; it's an opportunity to connect on a personal level and leave a memorable impression.
Aptitude And Reasoning

Aptitude and reasoning are crucial aspects of many job recruitment processes, especially in fields that require problem-solving, critical thinking, and analytical skills.

These assessments are designed to evaluate your ability to understand and apply concepts, think logically, and solve problems efficiently.

Aptitude Tests:

  • Numerical Aptitude
  • Verbal Aptitude
  • Abstract Reasoning

Reasoning Tests:

  • Logical Reasoning
  • Analytical Reasoning
  • Critical Thinking

Soft Skills for IT

Soft Skills are a must to have skill set to excel in not just your career but also in your personal life as well.

Technical skills can help you in beginning to grab the opportunity, but in order to grow in your field of interest you need to possess soft skills.

Soft Skills helps you in lot many ways which you don't even get to evaluate, timely action, diplomatic response, making your point clear, all those plays a vital role for people to vallue you.

  • Soft Skills and its importance
  • Effective Communation
  • Team Work

Behavioural Interview Questions?

Discover the essence of Behavioural interview questions, decoding queries about your biggest failure, showcasing team player and flexiblity skills.

Evaluate your interview game and stand out as a candidate with a deep understanding of behavioural insights.

  • What is a Behavioural Interview Question?
  • Talk about your Biggest Failure
  • Team Player and Flexible Skill
  • Conflict Handling

HR Questions?

In this course, we'll understand the top 10 HR questions that can come your way during an interview, and help you prepare to answer them confidently.

  • Introduction to Interview Etiquettes
  • Dos and Dont's
  • Body Language
  • Virtual Interview Etiquettes

Self Gromming

Preparing for an interview involves not only researching the company and understanding the job role but also paying attention to your personal presentation.

Dressing well and being groomed appropriately can help you feel more self-assured during the interview.

self-grooming is a holistic concept that encompasses various habits aimed at promoting a healthy and confident self-presentation.

How to Negotiate Salary?

Negotiating salary can be a crucial aspect of the job offer process.

  • Research Salary Information
  • Know Your Value
  • Consider the Entire Compensation Package


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